Saturday Trek to Busay..

This afternoon, all of a sudden we decided to go to a waterfall-site located at Inlagadian, Casiguran, Sorsogon.. The jumpoff was just about a few kilometers away from our hometown, at Orok Cold Spring Resorts, and the trek was only about 30 minutes to reach the falls.. It was the first time Sara reached the place..

About to enter the rainforest..

slippery trail..

Busay or Waterfall..

Chasing piglets on the way down the mountain..

a hearty lunch after trek.. pinangat + tinausihan..


~ by JM on March 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “Saturday Trek to Busay..”

  1. How you save me from my self-imposed hell..Di ko na aram kun pano ka pa thank you-han..T_T

  2. hahahaa.. alam ko place na yan… ang ganda sana post kapa maraming pic. ^ ^ sana karating kayo hanggang tuktok ng mt. bulusan.. sarap mag hiking jan….

  3. this may baka makauwi kami mag popost ako ng maraming pic.. hheheehheee

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